Natural and Integrated Fertility & Pregnancy Care


As an expert in the field of Reproductive Naturopathic Medicine & Fertility and Prenatal Acupuncture, Dr. Chan truly enjoys working with couples to achieve healthy pregnancies. She also works with individuals and couples to integrate naturopathic care with any conventional reproductive medical care.


Naturopathic Medicine aims to improve your overall health and thus enhance fertility using a variety of natural treatments.

The following is considered in order to help a couple conceive naturally or improve the outcomes of Assisted Reproductive Therapies [ART] (e.g. IVF, IUI):

-Address underlying health conditions (e.g. PCOS, endometriosis, fibroids, PID)

-Improve egg, uterus, and sperm health

-Ensure adequate nutrition

-Balance hormones

-Regulate menstrual cycles

-Minimize stress and any other related issues


Integrative Fertility Care with PCRM:

Dr. Chan works closely with the fertility specialists at the Pacific Centre for Reproductive Medicine (PCRM) in Burnaby as part of their Integrated Wellness Program to provide the best possible integrative feritily care.

In addition to seeing patients at Ray Clinic in Port Moody, Dr. Chan also provides acupuncture treatments on-site at PCRM for pre-/post-embryo transfers as part of IVF cycles.

Acupuncture for Pre-/Post-IVF Transfers:  

Please call Ray Clinic for details and scheduling; and go to for contact information.



Pregnancy Care


Dr. Chan has extensive experience and knowledge in supporting women throughout their pregnancies with naturopathic medicine and prenatal acupuncture. A healthy pregnancy is a healthy mom and healthy baby. It is highly recommended to have good support during your pregnancy which may include a team of midwives, GPfamily doctor, OB, naturopathic doctor, acupuncturist, and doula.


Dr. Chan uses prenatal acupuncture and gentla/safe naturopathic treatments to help ensure healthy pregnancies and deliveries. This will help support immune function, circulation and hormones which will help prevent and treat the following concerns during pregnancies: nausea, vomiting, fatigue, general weakness, swelling, back pain, muscle cramps, colds/flus, pre-ecclampsia, gestational diabetes, allergies, skin changes.


It is generally recommended to have one naturopathic visit during the first trimester to review nutritional intake, supplementation, and diet and lifestyle. Then it is recommended continue with acupuncture once per week until week 13, then once per month until week 28-32 depending on how the pregnancy is going, and then once to twice per week until labour and delivery. Specifically, it is important to have acupuncture at weeks 9, 12, and 24. Occassionally, IV vitamin-mineral treatments or IM B12/B6 shots may be recommended as part of the treatments.


After delivery, it is also very beneficial to receive acupuncture and IV vitamin-mineral treatments to ensure quick recovery and support breastfeeding and physical and mental-emotional health.


Dr. Chan can help provide insight and guidance on supporting a healthy pregnancy and complement the care from your primary health provider (GP/family doctor, midwife, OB).


For more information or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Chan, please visit or call 604-461-7900.




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